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Alcohol Addiction How to Know when Alcohol is Interfering with your Life

Most people in Austin and Avery Ranch with an alcohol addiction don’t actually think that they have a problem, they are usually in denial of their obsession with drinking. Alcohol addiction will affect not only your physical and mental well being but it also affects those around you. Alcoholism can take control of your life if you don’t seek treatment and it is the cause of many family break ups, job losses and ruined lives.

How Does it Affect Your Health?

Risk Of Cancer

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Alcoholism can put you at a greater risk of developing cancer, particularly cancer involving the digestive system. Cancer relating to alcohol can be found in the mouth, lips, tongue, throat, voice box, oesophagus, colon and rectum. Women are also at a higher risk of developing breast cancer if they are an alcoholic.

Bad Effect On Heart

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Alcohol abuse can also be hazardous to the health of your heart. Too much alcohol can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. If you have a history of heart disease, either yourself or a family health history, then you are at an even higher risk.

Bad Effect On Liver

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Drinking can also do serious damage to the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver is a very serious disease and alcoholic hepatitis is another which may cause abdominal pain, fever and jaundice. Once the damage is done to the liver it can’t usually be cured and you may find that your only hope is a transplant, although if the damage is minor and you stop drinking you can prevent further damage. Liver problems can also lead to problems that affect the brain like mood and personality disorders, anxiety, depression and even sleep disorders can occur.

Effect On a Pregnant Woman

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If a woman is pregnant while abusing alcohol it can cause many problems for both her and the baby. The baby could be born with fetal alcohol syndrome and this can result in some serious mental, behavioral, physical and developmental issues.

The brain is also often affected by alcohol abuse. You may find it difficult to learn and remember things both short term and long term. You can experience memory lapses and blackouts, you can find yourself constantly confused and disorientated and not able to function normally.

How Does it Affect Your Life?

Alcohol abuse is a big cause of family breakups and divorce. Alcoholism puts a huge strain on any relationship, particularly if it becomes abusive as a result of the drinking. There is a lot of stress and tension in the home of an alcoholic and the partner will only take it for so long and then leave.

Domestic violence is quite common among those who are addicted to alcohol and they will often strike out in a way that they may never do when sober.

Many alcoholics will find themselves unemployed when they cannot sustain a job because of their addiction. Their addiction will reach a stage where all they want to do is drink so they may stop showing up to work, or will show up late and even when they do show up their work is compromised by their drunk state.

When an alcoholic loses their partner and loses their job, they might find themselves homeless, without any family, friends or money. Alcoholism has control of their life completely when they find themselves living on the street and begging for money so they can buy alcohol.

Alcohol abuse can be stopped, but first you need to admit you have a problem and then seek help. If you think you may have a problem then seek help straight away, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Stages Of Alcoholism – Are You In These Stages

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Alcoholism is a condition that becomes progressively worse as time goes on and these alcoholism stages can help you see what stage you are at. You may have had your drinking under control when you first started, but as time goes on and more and more alcohol has passed your lips, you may find that your drinking is no longer under control. If you are alive and breathing then you still have a chance to beat this disease and take back control of your life. Knowing where you are in the stages of alcoholism will help in your recovery and also give you a place to look back on to see how much your life has improved.

Drinking first starts out as a social thing but then it may slowly move beyond being social and become a way to cope with your mood and the stresses of life. This is one of the first stages of alcoholism when you find yourself drinking to be able to handle life. Unfortunately, it isn’t long after this stage when it is the alcohol that starts handling your life and controlling it. You cannot hide from problems in your life by drinking; the problems will still be there later.

The next stage is when you find that the amount you drink no longer helps you to cope with life and you need to drink more and more to get the same effect. Your tolerance to alcohol grows and it takes more of it to give you the same effect. When you reach this stage it begins to be dangerous and you may start experiencing some of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

It isn’t long before you may start to think that perhaps you have a drinking problem although you will try to deny it. But just to make sure that you don’t really have a drinking problem you will tell yourself that you can control your drinking and that you are going to cut back. When you drink you plan only to have a few because you think a few won’t hurt and isn’t a problem, but those few drinks will turn into many drinks. You no longer have control over your drinking and you just don’t know when to stop.

The next stage gets a bit scary as this is when the drinking really starts taking control of your life. Now you constantly think about your next drink and getting that next drink becomes more important than anything else in your life. You become obsessed with getting a drink and you may neglect or hurt your family or friends because of your obsession. You may lose your job because you just don’t care about it anymore and start to take days off or turn up late. Your family and friends will try to help you but you won’t want their help, because you don’t admit that you have a drinking problem. You may even get angry at them for interfering and you may soon find yourself alone. This is when you choose alcohol over those you love.

Next, you stop caring about yourself. You don’t care about how you look, your health, your future or your life. The only thing you care about is getting your next drink.

The last stage is when your love of alcohol turns into a full-blown obsession. At this stage you have no control over anything, the alcohol has complete control. Your desire to drink may find you homeless or may even be harming your health. You might find yourself in hospital with serious health problems that have been caused by your drinking.

Get Help For Your Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is dangerous. You can stop your alcoholism if you make the decision to take back control of your life. It won’t be easy and you will need support, but you can do it! Get help from North Austin Family Health  for your alcoholism while there is still time!

Alcoholism Symptoms And Alcoholism Is An Addictive Disease

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol  Addiction?

When you have a drinking problem you don’t really see it yourself, in fact you will probably deny it for a while even when you suspect you may have a problem. When you look at alcoholic symptoms you may not think that you fit the bill, but if you are really honest with yourself you might find that you do have an alcohol abuse problem. Here are some symptoms to look through and if you have any of these then you may indeed be an alcoholic.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

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1. Do you give up social events or activities because of alcohol? One symptom of alcohol abuse is when you start showing up to social events, activities and even your job because you prefer to be drinking.

2. Have you put either yourself or others in danger? If you have, and especially if it happens regularly then you really have a serious problem.

3. Can you go out and have just one or two drinks and then stop? If you go out expecting to only have a couple of drinks but come home extremely drunk and can’t even remember the evening, then you have a problem. If you find that once you have a drink you just keep on going and just don’t know when to stop, then this is a symptom of alcoholism.

4. Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about your drinking? You may not admit that you have a problem, but inside you actually feel ashamed and try to hide your drinking. You need to take pride in yourself and stand up and admit that you have a drinking problem.

5. Is your drinking affecting other areas of your life? Every day you make choices in your life that are based on what is important to you. If your behavior is destructive to either you or others and you continue with that behavior anyway, then you are basically saying that your drinking is more important than those you hurt by your destructive behavior. If your friends or your family are negatively affected by your drinking and yet you continue to drink, then you are saying that alcohol is more important than your family and friends.

6. Has your body built a tolerance to alcohol? Does it take you more drinks to get the same buzz that you once got from just a couple of drinks? When you first start drinking it may only take a couple of drinks to give you a buzz but as your build a tolerance to alcohol it takes more and more to get that same buzz. Your body will then suffer more and more of the negative effects of drinking alcohol. You may begin to experience other problems mentally, physically and socially.

7. Have you hurt someone as a result of your drinking? When you drink too much you lose control over what you are doing and you can put yourself and others in a dangerous situation. If you hurt someone physically while you are drunk imagine the consequences for that person. What if you seriously hurt someone or even killed someone while you are drunk? Or perhaps you have mentally hurt someone while you were drinking, although it doesn’t have the same results as hurting someone physically, it can still have some devastating results.

If you have a drinking problem then it’s time to stop lying to yourself, stop denying you have a problem and face the truth. Look at these alcoholism symptoms and if you have any of these then it’s time to get help from Family Health Care.

Common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

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If you have family and friends suggesting that you have a drinking problem, but don’t really believe it yourself, then maybe you need to have a good look at your life and see if you do have any of the symptoms of alcohol abuse. Some symptoms may be physical while others might be mental, emotional and even social. Some symptoms will not only affect you but also your family and friends. There are many symptoms that could suggest you have alcoholism, let’s take a look at seven common alcohol abuse symptoms.

1. Have you tried to prove to yourself and others that you don’t have a drinking problem by trying to stop for a while? If you did, did you manage to last a week without having a drink? If you can’t make it through a couple of days without having a drink then you very well might have a drinking problem.

2. If you are feeling a little out of control and all you ever think about is getting your next drink, then you have a problem. You need to be really honest with yourself, get out of denial mode and admit if you are losing control. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by denying the problem if you have one.

3. Does a good part of your time every day involve either drinking alcohol or thinking about it? Are you constantly trying to find a way to get a drink? Are you lying to friends and family when you drink or even canceling engagements or taking time off work so you can drink? When you reach the point when your thoughts are constantly on when you will get your next drink, then you have reached the stage of being obsessed with alcohol. This is reaching a point when it really does become difficult to quit.

4. Do you feel shame or guilt when you drink? Usually when a person starts feeling guilty and shameful they will take it out on those around them. They will deny they have a problem and will become very defensive if anyone suggests that they do. At this point you may also feel like it is too late and there is no point trying to give up. As a result, you give up on yourself and keep on drinking more and more.

5. If you go for a while without a drink to you experience any withdrawal symptoms? Some withdrawal symptoms might be feeling anxious, depressed, headache, fatigue, insomnia, irritable, shaking, sweating and loss of appetite. You may experience one or a number of these withdrawal symptoms and the only way you can relieve them is to have a drink.

6. Do you go out for a social drink and only plan to have a couple but once you start you just can’t stop drinking? If you find that you can never just have a couple of drinks, but instead always get completely drunk, then you certainly have a drinking problem.

7. Are your friends and family concerned about your drinking, even if you don’t want to admit that they are right? You might not want to listen to what they say because you don’t believe you have a problem and you might feel like they are just trying to control you. The truth is that if your family and friends are concerned about your drinking it is for good reason – you probably do have a problem.

Getting Help For Alcoholism Or Alcohol Abuse

Admitting that you have a drinking problem is hard to do but you really should be honest with yourself and take a good look to see if you have any of these symptoms. The sooner that you admit you have a problem the sooner you can seek help and get better.

Alcoholism – Is It Really An Addictive Disease

Alcohol addictionIs Addiction a Disease?

Over the years there has been much debate about whether alcoholism should be classified as a disease or not. It is certainly a problem, there is no denying that but is it actually a disease? When you think of a disease you think of a condition that isn’t normal and that has a negative effect on the body, causing its functions to be impaired. Different diseases will have different symptoms associated with it. When you think of alcoholism it is an abnormal condition that has a negative effect on the body and has symptoms associated with it. So in that sense then alcohol should be classified as a disease.

Alcohol’s Effects on the Body

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Alcohol is not a symptom of another disease; it is a disease on its own that causes a person to be obsessed with the need to drink. This is not a normal obsession and has an extremely negative effect on the body. This disease has symptoms that are specific and consistent with the disease. Alcoholism is a disease that causes a controlling disability that seriously disadvantages those who suffer from it.

When a person becomes an alcoholic it is incredibly difficult for them to stop drinking and the condition will continue until they are treated or until they are dead. Unfortunately, many alcoholics do drink themselves to death. An alcoholic’s physical and emotional state is affected with this disease and it can affect their social life in a very negative way also. As the drinking continues, the symptoms of this disease worsen.

Because alcoholism is an addictive disease it is very difficult for a person to get healthy again on their own and they usually require outside help. Their obsession with drinking becomes so bad that they can’t stop drinking and will do anything to get another drink. Their obsession takes over their life. An alcoholic reaches a stage where they just cannot live without alcohol and they will become quite distraught if they cannot get a drink. Their obsession and symptoms are both physical and mental and even if they realize that they have a problem, they just can’t stop. Their disease has a huge negative effect on them and on those around them.

The Social Effects of Alcoholism

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Many alcoholics will not admit to having a problem and will live in denial. They will try to hide their obsession or just ignore it and pretend it is not a problem. If you confront an alcoholic about their disease they may become angry because they don’t want to admit that they have a problem to you or to themselves.

Alcoholism can harm relationships and is the cause of many break ups. An alcoholic may find themselves on their own when their family can no longer live with their disease. They may also find themselves jobless when their boss will no longer live with their disease.

Health Effects of Alcohol

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There are also a number of other physical diseases that alcoholism can cause. It does damage to the heart, kidneys and liver and can also increase the risk of getting cancer. Then there are the mental problems that it can cause like dementia, anxiety and depression.

The debate will go on as to whether alcoholism is a disease or not, but even if you think it isn’t you must admit that it has some terrible symptoms and causes a lot of negativity and harm to a person’s life. Relationships, careers and lives can be destroyed from this terrible condition.

The longer a person suffers from alcoholism the harder it can be to treat it and overcome it. It is best to seek help as soon as you realize you have a problem. The first step is to admit that you have an alcohol problem and then seek help for it.

12 Signs Of Alcohol Addiction – Save Your Life

Many alcoholics are in denial about their addiction but there may actually be signs that are signaling that you do in fact have a problem and need help. If you even think in the slightest way that you could have an alcohol problem then take an honest look at these twelve symptoms and ask yourself if this sounds just like you. You don’t need to have all twelve of these symptoms to be an alcoholic, in fact you only need to have a couple of these symptoms and you could very well be an alcoholic.

1. Feel ashamed or guilty about your drinking. Do you try to hide that you drink or become defensive if questioned about your drinking? Ask yourself honestly if you feel ashamed with your drinking habit.

2. Drinking alcohol at times and occasions when it is dangerous. The most obvious example is driving while intoxicated, but it could also be operating equipment or heavy machinery or even drinking while pregnant.

3. Once you start drinking you can’t stop. Do you ever go out for a drink and find that once you start drinking you just don’t know when to stop? Even if you go out for just a couple of quiet drinks you always end up drunk and can’t remember much the next day.

4. Constantly think about drinking. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about when you will have your next drink? Do you plan your schedule around going out for a drink? If you find that you are doing this regularly, even daily, then you might have a drinking problem.

5. You just can’t quit drinking. Have you ever thought about quitting drinking altogether but you just can’t do it? You know the health problems associated with drinking so you want to stop, but you just can’t.

6. Find excuses to have a drink. You may have started out having a drink to calm yourself or to relax after a hard day. You may have had the occasional drink socially. Now you find that you are always looking for a reason to have a drink.

7. Drinking secretly. Do you hide your drinking? Do you hide alcohol around the house and sneak some whenever no-one is around? Do you hide your drinking from your family because you don’t want them nagging you? Your family talk to you about drinking because they care about you and want you to stop.

8. Blacking out and not remembering the night before. How many times do you wake up the next morning and can’t remember anything from the night before? If you can’t remember what you did, how do you know you aren’t going to do something stupid or dangerous? If you have blackouts then you have no control over what you are doing and this is just plain dangerous.

9. Hurt someone while drunk. When you drink you often do or say things that you otherwise wouldn’t. You could find that you hurt someone, emotionally or physically, and you could even harm someone seriously. You could have some serious regret when you sober up and realize what you have done.

10. Takes more drinks to get drunk. Have you built up a tolerance where it now takes you two or three times more alcohol before you start to enjoy yourself? You drink more because you don’t feel like it’s having much effect, but your body really can’t handle more and you are just putting yourself at greater risk.

11. Lie about your drinking. If you are lying about your drinking then you are obviously drinking too much. When you lie to those you love you are betraying their trust and you could find yourself without any friends or family left.

12. You drink even when you know you shouldn’t. You know that drinking isn’t good for you and that you are drinking too much and yet you continue to do it. You know that when you drink you do things that hurt people or things that are just wrong and yet you continue to drink.

These are some pretty serious symptoms and just one or two of these can be very serious. If you see some of these traits in yourself then you really do have a drinking problem and need to seek help.

Alcoholism Affect Your Health Seriously – But There Is Help

Alcohol And Your Health

Austin is a great place to live, and one reason is that it has so many night spots and places to enjoy an adult beverage. However, over-indulgence and then alcoholism affect many Austin & Avery Ranch families more than we’d like to admit.

We at North Austin Family Health urge you to get help for your family health and family health care if you feel that you have issues with alcohol.

Alcoholism and Austin Families

Alcoholism is difficult to overcome but when your health is becoming a concern, it makes it even more urgent that you do overcome your alcohol abuse. Alcoholism has a lot of serious effects on health, including increased risk of heart disease, increase risk of cancer, liver and kidney disease, mental illness and a heap of other problems. Although giving up drinking may be tough, these health problems can be even tougher. If you can overcome your drinking problem then you can avoid these health problems.

Even further, and some might consider worse, is the effect alcoholism has on Austin and Avery Ranch families. Your kids and spouse bear the brunt of any effects alcohol abuse has on you, so think of them first.

When you drink a lot of alcohol you can find that you overeat or perhaps even under-eat. Alcohol takes up space in your stomach making you feel fuller and you don’t eat as much and therefore are not receiving the required nutrition each day. This can actually lead to malnutrition as your body thinks that it has met its daily food requirement, when in fact it is just the alcohol that is making you feel full. Your body can suffer with this lack of nutrition which can lead to serious health issues.

Gout (Gouty arthritis) and the Connection with Alcohol

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Gouty arthritis is one condition that can be caused by alcohol abuse, and many Austin & Avery Ranch citizens suffer from this needlessly. This is a very painful rheumatic disease that leaves deposits of spiny, needle-like crystals of uric acid.

Pregnancy and Alcohol – Risks and Effects On The Developing Baby

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If one drinks while pregnant it can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby. This can have many long-term negative effects on the baby’s health including mental and physical growth delays, physical disabilities, deformities and developmental delays.

Effect On Heart

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Alcoholism puts you at higher risk of heart and cardiovascular disease and also stroke. There is also an increased risk of high blood pressure problems that can arise from alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism can also affect your blood sugar levels in a negative way. Diabetes, hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia are all quite common in alcoholics.

Risk Of Kidney Disease

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Another health risk is kidney disease where the kidneys can become enlarged and this alters the hormone function. This can lead to kidney failure and possible death.

Liver Disease

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Liver disease is also very common in alcoholics, in particular alcoholic hepatitis or alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcoholic hepatitis can be successfully treated so is the less serious of the two, but cirrhosis is irreversible and the only treatment is a possible liver transplant.

 Excess Alcohol Causes Neuropathy

Neuropathy is another health risk associated with alcoholism which causes a numbness and tingling. This can be very painful and is associated with nerve damage.


Dementia is also another problem that alcoholics are at a higher risk of developing.


Another risk is obesity and in itself brings along another whole range of health risks.

Then there are also the mental conditions that are very common in alcoholics such as depression, anxiety and insomnia.

If you have had a drinking problem for a while you may have some damage already occurring in your body but it isn’t too late to stop and let your body heal. If you have less severe problems or the beginning stages of illnesses then your body can heal from them if you stop drinking. Even some of the problems that have lifelong repercussions can be lived with if you stop before they get too severe. There are many benefits if you stop drinking and they certainly outweigh the risks of continued alcohol abuse. Don’t put yourself at any further risk but seek treatment today for your alcoholism.

Your Risks Of Alcohol Disease – Wake Up And Smell The Roses

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Alcoholism can result in mental and social problems but more concerning are the disease risks that can occur from alcoholism. There is a number of short term and long term conditions that can develop from alcohol abuse include heart disease, an increased risk of cancer, liver disease, disease of the reproductive system and conditions that affect the blood sugar levels. These are just a few of the possible diseases that can occur from alcohol abuse and there are many more, the sad thing is that these can all be prevented if alcohol consumption is reduced, or better still, stopped completely.

When alcohol is abused the heart can be affected in a number of ways. Alcohol can cause an inflammation of the heart, known as cardiomyopathy, and prevents the heart from working the way it should. Alcohol can also cause an irregular heart beat known as catrial fibrillation and even though a person may otherwise be healthy, this can occur and can be very serious. Blood pressure or hypertension is also very common in people in Austin and Avery Ranch who abuse alcohol.

Alcohol abusers are also at a much higher risk of developing cancer, particularly liver cancer. Other types of cancer that are common in relation to alcohol are digestive cancers and these can begin in the mouth, tongue, lips and can also occur in the oesophagus, colon and rectum. Breast cancer is also at a higher risk in female alcoholics.

Because the liver is the organ that flushes out toxins from the body, when alcohol is consumed in great quantities the liver struggles to keep up and as a result liver disease is very common in alcoholics. There is a condition called steatosis or fatty liver than can occur and this can develop into the more serious conditions called steatohepatitis which is a serious inflammation of the liver. Scarring of the liver can also occur which is known as cirrhosis and can result in a poor functioning liver. These liver conditions can lead to kidney failure and also cancer of the liver, among other problems.

Infertility problems

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Infertility problems can also occur in alcoholics and these can occur in both females and males. Males can develop a shrinking of the testicles called testicular atrophy and another condition known as gynecomastia where the mammary glands become abnormally large. Females need to be concerned about passing their alcoholism onto their unborn child which can result in the baby having fetal alcohol syndrome.

Another condition that can be caused by alcoholism is Osteopenia which is a low bone density and can lead to osteoporosis.

These are just some of the many health issues that can be caused by alcohol abuse. The cost of the enjoyment of alcohol can be quite high if you develop some of these serious conditions. Although alcohol in small amounts is fine, overdoing it can have disastrous results, so think twice about whether to have that second or third drink each time.

Alcoholism Is Serious – But There Is Help

alcohol is seriousWhat Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is not new; there have been people with drinking problem for many years.Abusers are typically heavy drinkers who continue drinking regardless of the results. Throughout history there have been countless events of alcohol abuse and the negative effects it has. You are not alone if you have an alcohol problem, there are many people from Austin and Avery Ranch in the same boat and many that have been there and survived. There are treatment options that can be very effective once you make up your mind to seek help. There isn’t one set treatment plan that will work for everyone, some people in Austin and Avery Ranch will respond differently, but there are different options and there is a treatment that will work for you.

How do you know if you have a drinking problem?

North Austin, Avery Ranch Family

If you crave alcohol and are obsessed with getting your next drink then you have a problem. When you reach a point that you have lost control and your whole life is functioning around when you get your next drink then it becomes really evident that you are suffering from alcoholism. Your body becomes dependent on alcohol and when you aren’t drinking you will experience withdrawal symptoms and the more you drink the more you need to drink as your body builds up a tolerance to it. It is only a matter of time before alcohol takes over your life and can cause you to lose everything.

You might find yourself having many social problems also as you care less about social activities and more about drinking. Your relationship with your friends can suffer when you start cancelling engagements and choosing instead to stay home or go out and drink. You may lose your job when you start turning up late or not turning up at all because you are figuring out how to get your next drink. Even your family may take a back seat to your drinking and soon you could lose them too. Everything that was once important to you is now sacrificed just so that you can get that buzz that you feel when you drink. Alcohol becomes so important to you that it matters more to you than all those people in your life that once meant the world to you.

Then there are the many health issues that are associated with alcoholism. Alcohol abuse puts you at high risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular disease. It also puts you at a higher risk of developing cancer and liver and kidney problems. Blood sugar levels are affected and so is your mental health. There are so many health risks from drinking alcohol and you really need to ask yourself if your alcoholism is worth the price of your health.

To overcome alcoholism you really need to want to stop. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you have a problem and how many people tell you to stop, treatment will not be effective until you make the decision yourself to stop. The longer you drink and the more dependent your body becomes on alcohol the harder it is to stop.

Nobody believes that they can become an alcoholic and most alcoholics will live in denial for a very long time. They don’t see their drinking as a problem even though those around them can see it. Alcoholism is a huge problem and it can happen to you so if you think you could have a problem, then seek help now, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Treatments For Alcoholism – To Take Back Control Tips

North Austin, Avery Ranch Family

Alcoholism is a problem that can take over your life but there are treatments available that can help you to overcome this problem. Alcohol abuse is something that has been ruining people’s lives for years and it is a problem that is suffered worldwide. The good news is that although millions of people suffer from alcohol abuse, many of those From Austin & Avery Ranch Family who try to overcome this problem do actually succeed. There are a number of different treatments available and you need to find the one that suits you best. If the first treatment doesn’t work, don’t just give up and think you can’t beat this; you can if you just keep on trying. If one treatment doesn’t work then move on and try another.

The first step to overcoming alcoholism is to first admit that you do have a problem and one method that has effectively helped people to realize they have a problem is the twelve step program. This program has been very useful to thousands of people helping them to restore the damage that has been done by their addiction to alcohol. When trying to overcome an addiction it is important to have a support system and the community and support system of the twelve step program is invaluable. Many people in Austin and Avery Ranch have successfully found themselves alcohol free after years of being addicted to it by doing this program.

Therapy is also another option to treat alcohol addiction. You can have therapy in either group sessions or private sessions. A family health therapist or family health care will help you to find the cause or trigger for your addiction and face it. If you have supportive family members they can also join you in therapy to assist you and give you the support through this journey.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism (Alcohol Dependence)

North Austin, Avery Ranch Family

Most alcoholics will deny that they have a problem and as long as they are denying their problem there is nothing that can be done to help them. They cannot get better until they first admit that they have an alcohol problem and this will require some serious and deep thinking to come to this realization. However, they will not find the strength to overcome their addiction until they can admit that they have this weakness.

Alcoholism is not a straight cut problem either as there are different levels of addiction. Some people will have a binge drinking problem, and with this they may not drink every day, but when they do drink they don’t know when to stop and may often drink themselves into such a state that they can cause themselves injury and they won’t even remember it the following day. With binge drinking sometimes it’s a matter of behaviour modification and you may need to learn to control your drinking and to drink in moderation.

Others will have a more serious problem when they cannot go for more than a few hours without alcohol. When the problem is this serious then total abstinence from alcohol will be required. This will not be easy and even years after a person has quit drinking they will still need to remain alcohol free or they might find themselves back in the same situation. If you don’t think you have an alcohol problem but do drink every day, then why not try going a few days without any alcohol whatsoever and see how you cope. If you struggle to even make it through the first day then you may have a drinking problem.

The most important point when dealing with alcohol addiction is to stop denying that you have a problem and get help as soon as you can. Do some soul searching and think about your life and the life of those you love, because your addiction also affects the people you love. Seek help and be determined to beat your addiction and take back control of your life.

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