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Hangover symptomsHow To Deal With Hangover

Look, at North Austin Family Health, we don’t recommend overindulging in alcohol. That said, many do, so here you go.

Need some advice on how to fix hangover symptoms in Austin quick and easy for your family health and family health care. Well, it may be easy but might not be as quick as you would like. The best thing you can do for yourself is take the time to rest and relax if you have over done it the night before. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all said it, “I’m never going to drink like that again.” Uh huh, til next time that is. Why do we do it? Who knows.

How Can You Treat the Symptoms Of a Hangover?

We think we are having fun but the next morning we wonder why we had so much fun in Austin and was it really worth what we have to deal with now. Headache, sensitivity to light and sound, sound especially, feeling like something has crawled in your mouth and died there, nausea and possibly the worst thing that the human body can do, throw up. Do ya really wanna to see everything you did last night for a second time? Blech! Icky, nasty, gross! I just don’t think so.

Clean Your Mouth First

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When you wake up in the morning after a night of over-indulgence the very first thing you will want to do is clean your mouth. Brush your teeth and rinse with a strong mouthwash, preferably one without alcohol in it. This will not make you feel completely better but it is a good start to fix hangover symptoms.

Drink Glass Of Cool Water

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After cleaning your mouth, drink a glass of cool water. Not too cold otherwise your stomach may cramp and cause you to vomit. Take only sips if you have to and do not slam this first glass of water or you may just be seeing it again very soon. You need to be very nice to your stomach right now or it will rebel against you.

Take Caffeine

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Next, grab some caffeine, hot or cold it doesn’t matter. You just need to wake up a little bit. Do not drink more than a couple of caffeinated drinks because caffeine, like alcohol, is dehydrating and you want to concentrate on hydrating yourself today. Drinking a glass of water every hour or so will be the best thing, along with time, that you can do for yourself today.

Take Shower

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To become even more lucid, take a nice, long, hot shower and just let the water cascade over you. I guarantee that when you are done taking your shower you will feel like a human being again. Now it is time to dress in very comfortable clothes and either return to bed and take a nap or relax on the couch. Do not do anything too stressful or exert yourself in any way, if you do you will only exacerbate your symptoms and it will only take longer to feel better.

Take Some Food

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As soon as you feel hungry, try to eat just a little something. Have some tea with honey and some toast. The honey will help stabilize your blood sugar and the toast with some butter spread on it will help get rid of the nausea you may be feeling. If you are a little shaky it probably means your blood sugar is low so make sure you get that honey into your system to help fix hangover symptoms.

Beer Hangover – Liquor Before Beer – You Bet

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Do not be fooled into thinking that a beer hangover is any different than a hangover you get from mixed drinks. It all depends on how much you drink. You can get just as drunk on beer. It is usually recommended that you do not mix your alcohol but if you must, start with mixed drinks and end with beer. If you have ever heard the saying, “Beer before liquor, never been sicker, liquor before beer, you’re in the clear”, then you know why. I don’t know who said it but it works.

Besides, when it comes to mixed drinks they are usually made so they taste sweet and go down so well that you can inadvertently drink more than you think you do and get the really nasty hangover to go with it. The sugar in the mixers are a big contributor to your hangover. Beer is beer and isn’t sweet at all so you can keep track of how much you drink better. One beer equals 1.5 ounces of the hard stuff and 5 ounces of wine.

Tips For Handling The Beer Hangover

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After you party, the next morning you may not be able to stomach eating breakfast. Stick to something bland like saltine crackers. Saltine crackers will help settle any nausea you may be feeling and your stomach will thank you. Stay away from milk, too. If you need to drink something drink water. Coffee or pop is good also just take small sips at a time and only one or two cups or glasses. The caffeine will help revive you somewhat but caffeine is drying and you need to concentrate on hydration today.

Never Take The Pill On Empty Stomach

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If you have a beer hangover and need to take a pain reliever for your headache do yourself a favor and do not take the pills on an empty stomach. This is where those saltine crackers come in they will allow you to have something solid in your stomach so the medicine does not irritate your stomach. No sense in taking something that has the possibility of coming right back up.

Take Proper Rest And Sleep

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After you have fixed yourself up with a couple of crackers and something to sip on, just go back to bed and sleep for a while longer. You will wake up feeling so much better. When you wake up the second time have some type of sports drink to replenish vital electrolytes you will have lost the night before. Not to mention the sugar will help bring your blood sugar up. If you do not have a sports drink on hand then just sip some more water.
You still probably do not have the energy to run a marathon in Austin or even just get from the bed to the couch so give yourself the rest of the day to just relax and take it easy. Order your meals in so you do not have to worry about cooking, if you even feel like eating. You could just heat up a can of soup to nurse your beer hangover back to health.

Hangover Formula Can Work For You


Hangover SecretsHey, New Years Eve is coming up soon, many people in Austin and Avery Ranch who don’t drink a lot during the year go out and have a lot of ‘fun’ on this one night. For all you beginners out there, it’s easy to get carried away and start off the New Year with a vicious hangover. If you don’t want that to happen to you than you can use hangover formula.

Hangover Relief Supplement

This is a supplement that says it can help prevent hangovers. This nutritional combination of antioxidants and herbs has been made specifically to replenish all the vital nutrients that can be lost from your body when you drink too much alcohol.

Drink Lots of Water

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Of course, there are other things you can do to make sure you don’t wake up in the morning hating the night before. One of the easiest is to drink plenty of water, before during and after you have had a night of fun. Keeping your body hydrated is very important because alcohol will actually dehydrate your body.

Eat Before You Drink

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Eating before you go out for the night can be the best hangover formula you can use. Eating can help out a lot, if you have ever drank on an empty stomach you know what a nightmare that can be. Many people say that deep fried, greasy food is the best. I don’t know about that, but do eat something. Some also say that you should eat after you have been drinking, preferably something greasy, to prevent waking up in the morning with a lot of regrets.

Hate Hangovers? Then Don’t Drink Too Much

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Obviously the best way to prevent a hangover is to make sure that you don’t drink too much. That can be sometimes easier said than done since you can quickly lose your common sense when you are drinking. After the first drink many of us think we can just keep it coming and we throw caution to the wind. The only problem with that is the next morning you may be throwing something else.

If, despite your best effort to prevent drinking too much you still do over indulge and you wake up in the morning feeling like you should be dead, there are some things you can do to help you alleviate a little of the misery.

The first thing is to continue drinking plenty of water. If you just can’t stand the thought of drinking water and you want something with some flavor drink a sports drink that can help rehydrate you or drink a caffeinated drink although not too much caffeine since that too can cause dehydration.

Healthy Foods to Soothe a Hangover

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Try to get something light to eat, maybe a piece of toast with honey. Believe it or not honey can actually help, too since it can help stabilize your blood sugar. A nice hot shower may make you feel a little more human but might not be the best since it can make you feel nauseous so maybe a lukewarm shower instead.

It is no secret that avoiding a hangover is the best way to go. No one likes waking up in the morning regretting the night before. But, if you do then hangover formula is another great alternative. Either way, you don’t have to suffer anymore.
This is not medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult with your personal family health physician and family health care or pharmacist near in Austin and Avery Ranch before trying pain relievers or any type of medication; natural or otherwise.

Hangover Nausea Help Avoid It With H20 and Other Tips

If you do not want to wake up with any hangover nausea then for every alcoholic drink you have, drink one glass of water when you are out partying. Hangover symptoms usually come from dehydration. Alcohol dehydrates the body and since many people in Austin and Avery Ranch do not drink enough water, ever, they start out already dehydrated and the alcohol just makes it worse.

Dehydration is not just the loss of water in your body though. When you lose the fluid a lot of other things go with it, like electrolytes. So do yourself a favor the morning after and have a sports drink handy in the fridge or at room temperature if you do not like really cold drinks the morning after. Go ahead and have some caffeine but keep it limited to one or two cups of coffee or one pop. Caffeine is caffeine and caffeine is drying to the body as well. It will help get rid of some symptoms like headache and hangover nausea. So go ahead and have a couple of cups of your usual morning joe but stop there.

Try your best to eat something. I know, you already feel nauseous and just the thought of putting something in your stomach is very unappealing but if you can manage just a piece of toast or scrambled egg you will do your body a big favor and the nausea may just go away. Who knows maybe you were just hungry and that was what was causing your nausea. Stay away from fatty foods like sausage and bacon, they will only sit in your stomach like lumps.

If solid food is just not worth a try then what about a smoothie? One cup of vanilla yogurt, one cup of milk, and one cup your choice of fresh or frozen fruit. If you use fresh fruit then add about three cups of ice. To thicken things up more add a banana and some honey. Delicious, and very good for you, too. You can almost feel the goodness permeate every cell in your body and rejuvenate you. Adding the honey is a good idea because it will help stabilize your blood sugar levels.

If the food or smoothie does not alleviate your nausea then go ahead and take some over the counter upset stomach relief medicine. There are quite a few to choose from, just take which ever one you like the best. Stick with what you know though, do not pick this time to try something new.

The last best thing you can do for yourself is to just rest. Time heals all wounds and a self-inflicted hangover is no exception. Draw the shades to keep the light coming in to a minimum and just veg on the couch or go back to bed, the less you move the better. Remember to shut the phone off until you feel better, the phone ringing will hurt your head. You don’t need any help with that on the morning after a good party, do you?

If you need it and can stomach it, take some over the counter pain reliever for the headache you undoubtedly have to go along with your hangover nausea and dry mouth.

Chaser Pills – Natural Hangover Remedy

chaser pillsChaser Pills :Your Hangover Friend

It seems that everyone and their uncle From Austin has a suggestion on how to cure a hangover after you get one. You can try them all to find one that works for you or you can use a product like Chaser pills that was developed to prevent hangovers from happening in the first place.

Chaser has developed a pill that is an all natural hangover remedy that you take before you even start drinking. Chaser has been clinically tested and those tests have shown the pill to reduce hangovers as much as seventy percent in test subjects.

Ingredients In Chaser Pills

The active ingredients in Chaser pills are calcium carbonate and activated charcoal that attract and soak up cogeners before they can have an affect on the drinker. Cogeners are the impurities in beer, wine and hard liquor that can have a harmful effect on you while you drink them. these impurities also contribute to the flavor, aroma, and color of what it is that you are drinking in Austin & in Avery Ranch.

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Alcohol

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When you drink alcohol and the cogeners get into your bloodstream your immune system kicks into high gear and releases chemicals called cytokines to try to counteract the alcohol you are putting into your body. This release of cytokines is the main reason you feel like crap the morning after a night of drinking. Your body is trying to fight off the foreign substance you put into it just like fighting off a cold virus. The level of cytokines drops with every passing hour and every ounce of alcohol that gets metabolized by your liver.

How To Take The Chaser Pills

The capsules stop the hangover symptoms from occurring when you take the correct dosage and stick to the correct number of drinks that accompanies that dosage. The correct dosage is to take two pills with your first drink and then you can either drink moderately for three hours or have a total of six drinks. If you go beyond these parameters you must take two more pills.

There are no side effects associated with the formulation and they are considered safe to take. The fine print says these pills are not intended for minors. Minors should not be drinking anyway so if you know where your children are and what they are doing, you are doing a great job in Avery Ranch and in Austin.

The pills do not prevent you from becoming drunk so you should always drink in moderation and absolutely never, ever drive drunk. They also will not help you pass a sobriety test should you get stopped. Besides, if you lead by example and show your children you are responsible drinkers then they may remember your example when they get old enough to be social drinkers themselves.

Where To Get It From

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The pills work with any type of alcohol and you can find them at your local drug store, all natural store, or grocery store. Look for them in the vitamin aisle. Remember all you have to do is take two pills with your very first drink. Do not go beyond the number of drinks or time limit recommended because if you do not take tow more pills the effects of the first two Chaser pills will have worn off and you will still experience hangover symptoms. So read the fine print and follow the directions closely.

This is not medical advice and as in all cases it is wise to consult your family health doctor and family health care in Avery Ranch or pharmacist prior to consuming a pill; especially if you are on other medications.

Hangover Defence – Proven To Help With Hangovers

Alcohol Defence

Dr. Harris’ Original Hangover Defense

Dr. Harris’ Original Hangover Defence is a supplement specially blended with plenty of vitamins and minerals to help keep your body in balance. Mostly made up of negatively charged particle which naturally attract positively charged particles, this product facilitates passage of water and nutrients into your cells and therefore also facilitates toxins and waste products to leave your cells.

This is what needs to happen to alleviate hangover symptoms the next day after binging. Toxins are eliminated and your body is kept in balance so you do not suffer from hangover symptoms. Everyone wants to have fun when they party and no one wants to be incapacitated the next day after they party so use this product to eliminate the chance of having a hangover You won’t be sorry.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, Hangover Defence has been deemed safe to take before and after drinking. Another key ingredient is MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, also known as LD-50. LD-50 was put to the test in clinical trials and it was determined to be safer than table salt. I think that those results can put your mind at ease, if you were even worried about it.

How To Take

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The usual dose for this product is two pills before you start drinking and two pills when you get home before you go to bed. Should you need more, say if you get hangovers easily then you can start with three pills and then take three more before bed. According to North Austin Family Health, It is recommended that if your partying is going to last well into the night, for four or more hours, you should be sure to take two to three pills with you to take during the party. If this dosage works for you then stick to it otherwise experiment and figure out what works best for you.

This product does not eliminate the intoxicating effects of alcohol and therefore will not help you pass a sobriety test. So, as always, do not ever drink and drive. Plan for someone in your group to be the designated driver and give the keys to that person before you even venture out in Austin and Avery Ranch. It never hurts to safe than sorry.

Also, just because you are taking a hangover preventative does not mean you can go hog wild when you are out drinking. Remember that you are out with friends and that if you want to keep them you will tone down the antics and shenanigans and drink in moderation. Moderation is key to keeping your dignity intact and being responsible.

Dennis H. Harris, MD, President

Let me introduce you to Dr. Dennis Harris. He has practised medicine for over 35 years in the Phoenix, Arizona valley and along with establishing the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital in 1968 and the South west Pain Control program, the first chronic pain outpatient treatment program in the US in 1971 he has also dedicated himself to creating all natural products that the average person can use on a daily basis to improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Harris’ Original Hangover Defence is one of those products.

Stop a Hangover Dead Or At Least Make It Bearable

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After a night of partying, how do you stop hangover symptoms from rearing their very ugly heads the next morning? The cure to any hangover starts the night before, after you have tied one on and are ready to go to bed. Take some time and make sure some things get done before you pass out in bed.

Drink a big glass of water or a sports drink and eat something. Make the something you eat be high in protein and take an over the counter pain reliever. Since you have already over done it with the alcohol, try not to over do it with the food, you might just make yourself sick if you do.

Go take a quick shower and make it nice and hot. This will relax your muscles and get the bar smell off of you so you won’t wake up smelling like stale beer. When all this is done then go dive head first in bed and stay there the rest of the night and into the next morning. I have heard that you can’t really count the first two hours in bed as sleep because it is just you passed out. So, to get a good eight hours of sleep you will probably be in bed at least ten hours. Hopefully there will be nothing you have to do the next day so you can take it easy and rest up.

If everything has worked the way it should, you should have been able to stop hangover symptoms from ever starting. The next day, make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out your system. I cannot stress this enough, stay hydrated. alcohol is very drying and you will experience hangover symptoms if you do not hydrate yourself.

Remember that when choosing an over the counter pain reliever to steer clear of acetaminophen. Acetaminophen and alcohol do not mix and you will only manage to do harm to your liver. It may not be noticeable to begin with but if you take acetaminophen and drink to excess frequently then you may start to feel pain or other symptoms related to your liver after some time. Just do not do it. Choose an aspirin or ibuprofen to clear up any headache you have caused yourself.

B-Complex Vitamin

Another thing you can do to try to do to stop hangover symptoms before they start is load up on your B vitamins. Get a good B-Complex vitamin from your local pharmacy in Austin & Avery Ranch and take one at each meal throughout the day the n when you go out that night your body is fortified against what ever you may put into it. when you get home take another one before you go to bed. Have a glass of water and the pill set right next to your bed so you will not forget. the the next morning, take another one for good measure. You should feel as though you did not drink at all. Of course none of this is written in stone so experiment with a few things and just remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Consult Your Physician First

North Austin, Avery Ranch Family

This is not medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult with your personal family health physician and family health care or pharmacist in Austin and Avery Ranch before trying pain relievers or any type of medication, natural or otherwise.

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