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Injuries ChildrenNorth Austin Family Health Tips: Can You Keep Your Child Safe At All Times? No

No matter how much your protect your child, he or she is bound to face an injury every once in a while. Scrapes and stings are easy enough to cure, but what about the bigger ones? When is a child at a higher risk of injury? According to thesafestline.com, it starts in the car.

For most North Austin Families, Family Health starts with safety. Car seats are not a “set and forget” safety device. While they are important, they are simply an instrument to help children, but cannot completely protect them. Endless lists of distractions can take attention away from the driver that can lead to car accidents, most of which leave a child injured. You can keep him or her safe by using a properly attached car seat and seat belt. Not all car seats are created equal, so get the one you feel will help your child the most. They all have to pass a government crash safety test, but there are some with additional features that might be helpful. Always be aware of product recalls; carseat.org has a regularly updated list of current recalls. The no-brainer tip is to not text while driving, but is worth mentioning.

Bedtime is another time when injuries can happen. It may seem odd that not doing anything is a hazard, but the act of sleeping isn’t the issue. The problem is with objects that may be in a small child’s crib. These can be a choking hazard, so take them out when you not in the room.

The tempting brightly-colored chemical bottles of everyday cleaners and car fluids are an injury waiting to happen if not properly stored. Small children do not realize that these products are harmful if ingested so keep them out of their reach. In the article, it states that “more than 7 million accidental poisonings occur each year and 75% of those involve children under age 6”.

There is a lot of information on pool safety in Austin and Avery Ranch, but it is still a problem because children like to swim. Education for both parents and children and proper flotation devices are key to having a fun and injury-free time at the pool.

One of the first signs of a child’s freedom is being able to ride a bike. Do you remember that time when the training wheels came off and your parent let go of the back of the bike while you pedaled your way down the road by your self? It is liberating, but also dangerous if not properly handled. Make sure your child’s bike has reflectors and lights. Also, riding with them while they practice safe bicylcing habits will help as well.

What about the times when you are not with your child? Let’s face it; you can’t watch them every second of the day, so how do you keep them safe when they are out of your reach? Teach important lessons early like not talking to strangers and jumping off the playground equipment and how to handle bullies. Also, know your child’s school district’s policies on internet usage. Make sure that your his or her school takes precautions to keep restrictions on dangerous content.

If you are a gun owner, it is essential that you teach your children gun safety. Telling them not to touch them will only work for so long. They will eventually become curious, so teach them how to respect them. Talk with them and tell them about the realistic power behind a gun.

The most obvious time when your child can be injured is when playing sports. Encourage him or her to wear the proper protective equipment during practice and matches or games around in Austin and Avery Ranch. This is the best way to prevent sprains, broken limbs, or worse.

While you cannot protect your child all the time, you can reinforce good safe habits and prevent the number of injuries that occur.

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